Nashville Tennessee USA

This is where it all started. Stay at the Urban Ecovillage East Nashville - the HQ and birthplace of this concept. Email booking requests to

Rent a room or 3, suitable for mindful events and experiments.


Practice Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness

Gardens in the front yard, drumming meditations, eat the rainbow (colorful, plant based foods), drink pure clean water. Connect with yourself. Connect with one another through music, food and the energy of plants and animals.


Murphy Bed - Minimal Design, Tiny house inspired

Go inward. Recharge. Reflect in the Hello Sunshine room. Sound Massages available for $60/hour. Inquire with for bookings.


eat the rainbow. Vegan and plant strong meals made with love

Recharge and Nourish yourself with the healing energy of plants. Lighten Up. Rise Up. Juicing, Salads, Soups, VegetAsian cuisine, Improv cooking demonstrations.


Outdoor patio space and kitchen open spring-fall.

The light energy you bring makes the Ecovillage come alive.


indoor and outdoor bathing options

Ice Bath, Hot Bath.

Practice Wim Hof

Practice OM meditation in water.