Following My Heart. Trusting the Process. Embracing the Unknown. Surrender to My Calling

Hi, Chrissy here. I wanted to share a story from this life…

Have you ever considered selling a property that was worth a lot of money, and turned it down?

I turned down an offer for 900 Ramsey for 600k. I was exploring my options with selling it or developing it. In the process, I explored questions like:

would it make life easier?

could I fund my creative projects?

could i dedicate more time to music?

how would i feel if this house was torn down?

could i “retire” and fully focus on serving however my heart leads me?

then i explored questions like:

how could I make this place more of what I truly want to offer?

how could i creatively utilize this place? (thinking like a resourceful filipino)

how could what I want here, without tearing it down?

You can do so many things well - but what do you REALLY want to do? What lights you up? What fulfills you?

[It’s so funny… the more I got into my spirituality and my soul work - the less I cared about money. I truly don’t care about money anymore, but I also understand the need for it to sustain this lifestyle and to hold these gathering spaces for others… I go between wanting to be a monk and owning nothing, and wanting to be an entrepreneur setting an example of how to life the heArt life.]

As the calls came in, and the offers came in… I checked in with my heart. I realized that in my heart, I want to continue cultivating this place as the Heart center that it is. There is a spiritual element to this. There just is. I turned down offers of 600k. I also turned down offers of 10k/month in passive income by having 2 units for Airbnb here… Clearly, money is not the motivating force here… hmm….

Back to the Drawing Board

This place has been a healing place for me, and for others. Our spirits. Our hearts. Connecting with one another through music, food and fellowship. I am fulfilled by sharing my heart through music, and holding space for others as they explore their own healing. Music is so powerful.

Deeper in my exploration with this property, I found out that it is zoned and permitted to be a monastery. Among other things, like a nursing home, assisted living, group housing, boarding house, etc. The one that stood out was monastery.

This place has been a music monastery and a sanctuary for me and others…

I’ve decided to commit to this place as the gathering place that it is. A venue for love to be expressed. A place for Rhythm. A place for Self Study and Reflection.

The Birth of Rhythm Bird

I’ve been an ordained minister since 2006. This year I finally had the courage. I started a church called Rhythm Bird (which is a religious organization recognized by the IRS).

This allows us to receive donations. This allows our members and supporters to make tax deductible donations. This allows us to fundraise in bigger ways - serving more people and inspiring people with Rhythm. The church is very simple. We believe in the uniting force of Rhythm.

You don’t have to change your beliefs, values, lifestyle, political stance, etc. to be a part of Rhythm Bird. The language of Rhythm unites us.

All you have to do is play with Rhythm. Naturally, your awareness of Rhythm will grow. Rhythm is in everything. The wind, the birds, our breath, our thoughts…

In the coming months, we will be asking for support financially, energetically and rhythmically. We will be hosting fundraising events, workshops, circles to make improvements to the property and offer more to the community.

It has been scary to let the heart lead the way, but I know it is truly the only way. Last night, I had a deep journey and a deep surrender.

I surrender to my calling. I surrender to my heart. I embrace this process. I trust this process. All is well.

Thank you for your breath, heart beats, love and support.


Chrissy Kirkwood