Voting with your Dollars

Hi, my name is Chrissy Kirkwood.

I am a real estate broker and owner at Kirkwood Property Group. I guide clients through the process of home buying and home selling.

In my free time, we host events in our gardens and patio spaces that bring community together.

We do this through drumming circles, tastings, and other musical offerings. Everything is supported by donations. These events are hosted as: urban ecovillage east nashville.

We’re also developing a music monastery called Rhythm Bird, located at the Urban Ecovillage East Nashville.

If you have enjoyed witnessing my journey thus far via social media, and want to vote with your dollars and support my creative pursuits, donate here. It takes a village, and the more resources and funding we have, the more we can do.

In the note, please share WHY you are donating. <3