Mom asked: Do you enjoy it?

Hi! Chrissy here.

I’m on day 2 of a water fast, by the way. :D I’m grateful for this process.

I have a lot on my plate, and lately, I’ve been examining what needs to leave the plate, so I can focus on the things that I truly enjoy, and that brings value to others.

One of the questions has been:

should we continue to do whole house airbnb rental?

Since March, we did an experiment renting the whole house via airbnb and vrbo. Although it is profitable, it doesn’t feel aligned with my heart mission. People don’t have a personal connection to what this space is. It’s just a nice house in a great location… so we’ve had more repairs needed than before. People have not been respectful of the space. It’s just been a place for them to get drunk and party.

What I did enjoy, was having guest rooms available, while being here. I can set the atmosphere and the vibe. Connections are made. Heart expressed.

I feel called to cancel the remaining airbnb bookings, with explanation, and invite them to rent a room as a tax deductible donation to Rhythm Bird. That way they can experience the essence of what this place is.

Renting the whole house to anyone who will pay feels inauthentic.

It’s scary to close a door to consistent income - but I want to do this as an experiment and commitment to my heart.

I bring great value to my clients in real estate. We deeply care and bring our hearts into our work.

I bring value in holding space for healing. The drumming circles, kirtan, jams, and sharing circles here are more impactful and valuable to the hearts involved.

The experiment and the leap of faith is now:

Can these heart focused services support the mission?

Can I fully commit to trusting this process. Use my clever, creative ways in service to healing, and heart expressions?

It’s time to fly.

Tony Robbins talks about burning the boats. When you get to an island - burn the boats so you’re forced to make it work — there’s no going back.

My thoughts and action steps right now:

contact the remaining 3 bookings and share my heart and the reason behind this. offer them to rent rooms at discounted prices.

offer guest rooms at the music monastery.

offer my time and expertise in the real estate realm to fund Rhythm Bird.

be intentional about how I spend my time:

do i enjoy it?

is it of value to the giver and receiver?

does it support the mission Rhythm Bird, Urban Ecovillage or Kirkwood Property Group?

I have my fingers in so many things right now - it’s part of the discovery process. It’s like a tasting menu. What do I like? What feels good, what feels right?

Now, it’s time to focus my energy into the heart centered services, that bring great value and great joy.

Rhythm Bless.


Thanks for reading. Thanks for this portal for sharing.


chrissy kirkwood

chrissy kirkwood