Calling Earth Minded Investors for a Sustainable Development in East Nashville TN


This is a call for builders, designers and investors who are interested in seeing a change in the way real estate development is done. Gentrification is tearing communities apart for the sake of profit. I believe there is a better way to develop, that is still profitable, but better for the earth and the people who have rooted deeply in these neighborhoods.

I’ve spent the last 5 years exploring permaculture, sustainable development, earthships, tiny houses, essentialism, micro living, co-housing and the like to better understand what is out there.

I am offering up 900 Ramsey Street, Nashville, TN 37206 for a sustainable permaculture minded micro community - I would like this project to be an artistic expression honoring the earth, the residents, and the surrounding community. Non-toxic building practices, living plants and micro farming, tiny house designs intended to be affordable and inspiring for the multi-generational residents.

I hope we can create a model of how we can develop and sustain communities for the long term.

This is zoned RM-20, 5 units 3 stories high, with a roof deck. It is also zoned for a dorm, boarding house, assisted living, or nursing home. Can we collectively design something that is good for artists and entrepreneurs

Let’s get creative on what we can design here.

It is listed on MLS:

Real Estate Development is key. If earth conscious investors, builders and designers are not stepping up, the traditional way of developing will continue — tearing nature apart and communities apart.

We can do better. I believe in us.